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Understanding the problem of online grooming and empowering young people to use the Internet safely.

Project scope

The European Online Grooming Project is a ground breaking study that looks at:

  • the behaviour of offenders who groom young people
  • the behaviour of young people online and their awareness of online risk
  • the role of ICT in facilitating online grooming

Project impact

It’s hoped that findings from the project will be used to:

  • develop effective safety campaigns aimed at young people, parents and teachers
  • help the IT industry develop ways to keep their customers safe online
  • inform the risk assessment and treatment of offenders
  • improve policy making and law enforcement
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Find out more

A number of reports have been written, available below:

You can also:

  • view slides from the launch of the final report here
  • view slides from the launch of the initial findings here
  • listen to an MP3 audio recording of the initial findings here

Project funders

The project is co-funded under the European Commission Safer Internet plus programme, a multiannual Community Programme on promoting safer use of the Internet and new online technologies.


Phase 1: Literature review, review of police case files and interviews with key stakeholders.

Phase 2: In-depth interviews with 33 male convicted offenders convicted in the UK, Belgium and Norway. Online groomers’ chat-logs were sourced from Italy.

Phase 3: 12 focus groups with young people in the UK, Belgium and Italy. Seven dissemination events with teachers, parents and professionals in Belgium, Italy, Norway and the UK.

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